Born, and Raise in the middle class family,
whose parent has been working hard for the best
of their children 

Living in Nontheburi - Being educated in Bangkok

1st life turning point..
... Thammasat Freshman with no friend from the same school   
... Stepping into the new society of Economics and Cheer club 

Educated as Economist
"To make the most out of least resources"  
"To see as a whole, everything is connected" - Macro Economics
"Everything has its own behavior within its Game Model
 find that model you can predict behavior" -  Micro Economics

Trained as Event Organizer
"System" "Script" and "Flow" - The show must go on.
"Run through..Run through..Run through till there's no mistake"  


2nd life turning point..
... sent to San Francisco with 0 English skill  
... fail the exam for Master degree program
... decide to take web design certificate instead
... working at school, working at restaurant, working at street market while study full-time 

Trained as Designer
"Massage" & "Target audience"
"User experience" & "Interaction"  


3rd life turning point..
... unemployed till there is no point of staying in the US anymore
... got a job offer through co-worker at school computer lab 3 month before VISA expired
... Web Designer & Flash Developer  - GeneEd Inc. (now as a part of Campbell Alliance Group)

Trained as Professional developer
 worked in the American dot-com start-up environment
 (like how google, facebook, instagram started) 


4th life turning point..
... Can not get working VISA since my degree is in Economics not IT
... Decide to go back to school for MS.IT degree just to get VISA
... TOEFL was easy at that time (working with American developed my skill greatly)
... Getting in was easy, gaining Master was as hard as everywhere else
... Decided to work at GeneEd for free just to hold on to my position
... Working at School as IT support for living (so I worked 2 jobs with full time study) 

Educated as IT Manager 
 "Network Administrator & Security" "Server Side Scripting" "Database Design & Programing"
 "Return on Investment" "IT Strategy and Planning"
 "Case study" "Business solution" "SWOT Analysis" "VRIO Model" 

Trained as IT Support
 "Routine Maintenance" "Equipment setup" "Call center" "User sastification" 


5th life turning point..
... Staying in US with Working VISA
... Got promoted to Senior Developer
... Something bad happen, have to move out of the apartment, start living alone

Self-Trained as Photographer
 Decide to get Nikon D90 DSLR - one I still use nowadays


6th life turning point..
... Dot-com burst, GeneEd was aquired by Campbell policy on Foreign VISA
... VISA status terminated after last day at GeneEd - I had 90 days left to be legally in US
... Going back home for good

Trained as human
 "Don't take it for granted"
 "โลกธรรม ๘"


7th life turning point..
... Came back Thailand after 9 years in San Francisco
... Step in to the world of Advertising Agency
... Project manager, Digital Production - Wunderman, Thailand (WPP group) 
... One of the coolest job, but in exchange the work was hard and busy as hell  

Trained as Project Manager, Digital Producer
 "Client requirement" vs "Team requirement"
 "To make the most out of least resource" -- see 1st turning point  
 "Target Audience" "User Experience & Interaction" -- see 2nd turning point 
 "Wireframe and Flow" "Consomer Journey" "Marketing Objective & KPI" "Website Analytics" 


8th life turning point..
... Choosing between money or life | wealthy or family  
... Apply for State Enterprise Org. close to home for the sake of family  
... losing 2/3 of my salary but gaining time back to my life and above all, the relief of my parents  
... First time in my life working with Enterprise size corporation
... yet another "stepping into another world"

Trained as Bureaucratic worker
 "Culture Shock"
 "Chain of command"
 "Office Politics"  
  Try not to lose mind and sucked into part of the system 


In my every life turning point, there were similarity
 (1) I were about to step into the world you'd never been before. 
 (2) I were about to deal with things you're not sure you can do it.  
 (3) I were encounter problem so big that at first I couldn't see any wayout.

After all that I've been through, I have learnt that
 * Problem will occor no matter how good you prepare .. so always be prepared 
 * Do not run away, if you've prepare .. there's alway solutions, many of them probably.
 * There're always the best wayout and the less good one .. just pick one, both can do the job.
 * NOTHING 's impossible - just lack of resource, find that resource then you can do anything
 * The most valuable resource of mankind is .. TIME .. don't waste it. 


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